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IT infrastructures

We optimize infrastructures in any environment in a modern and efficient way, making it more efficient and adding value.

Professional IT Service

The maximum involvement of a large team of consultants and technical specialists who bring exceptional value to your company.

Technology supplier

Agreements with the main manufacturers in the market allow us to offer agile solutions, immediate supply and permanent stock.

Intelligence and business

We have the information, but we cannot always get answers from it. Knowledge allows us to act in advance.


A team that works to reduce exposure vectors in the face of the huge increase in threats, which forces us to be more prepared than ever.

Partners of centria


We have a wide range of possibilities, we adapt to your needs.

We can help you

We like to think of ourselves as a different kind of IT consulting firm. We would love to explain it to you in person and would be honored if you would contact us to give us the opportunity to explain what we do and how we do it.
However, here is a mini FAQ in case we can give you a head start.

I am looking for a reliable technology partner

Centria is a real technology partner. The interests of our customers come first, regardless of whether we represent one manufacturer or another.

My company wants to move to the cloud. Seeking advice

We are going to give you good advice. We are not going to sell you smoke or explain to you that the cloud is wonderful. Instead, we are going to explain its excellence and its realities. How to do it in the best possible way, without losing control and security of your systems.

I need an efficient IT supplier

Our technicians and consultants have been on the other side. We know that when you ask us for something, it is because you need it. We won’t take weeks to develop proposals or days to deliver the systems you need. If we can, you’ll get everything quickly.

I am thinking about migrating to Microsoft 365.

Centria Tecnología was one of the first partners in Spain to work with Office 365 and implement it in its clients. From the very first moment we could see that there was nothing like it. Almost 10 years later, it has become an incredible collaborative ecosystem that unites many business processes. We don’t just deploy Office 365, we love doing it.

Are you really different?

We like to think so. When a customer asks us for help, we always put ourselves in their shoes. It is very important for us that the client realizes that by hiring Centria, he has hired someone who will defend his interests above all else. In any case, just ask us for references and we will provide you with them. Our best guarantee is our satisfied customers.

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