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With more than 300,000 customers worldwide and more than 2 million connected devices, Meraki has established itself in the market, serving companies of many sizes. Among its solutions are Access Points, Switches, Management Software and Security Cameras.

Secure & SD-WAN (MX)

Delivers maximum security information and a high quality experience while drastically reducing costs


Optimize staff operations with Meraki’s Cloud-First switches.

Wireless LAN

Meraki’s wireless APs feature integrated and intuitive technologies. They offer secure connectivity to your network.

Product information


Cisco - Meraki

MX Series - Firewall

Cisco - Meraki

MS Series - Switching

Cisco - Meraki

MR Series - Wireless - AP

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Delivers maximum security information and a high quality experience while drastically reducing costs

Small-branch Appliance - MX Series

A wireless network will help you communicate with your customers and allow your workers to perform their respective tasks while protecting your data from attack.

Cisco access points and wireless LAN controllers, part of the Cisco Digital Network Architecture, include the latest industry innovations, such as Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and top-level security solutions for all types of organizations.

A networking platform that grows with you

Expand your business globally with the world’s largest cloud networking platform.

  • Deploy networks quickly through simple configuration, while remaining compliant with your company’s standards
  • Meet the changing demands of your business without compromising reliability and safety
  • Reduce time spent on routine network tasks from hours to minutes with our open source APIs

Talos Security

Access comprehensive security reported by Cisco Talos, the internationally recognized security research team.

  • Defend against known and emerging threats with help from one of the world’s largest commercial threat intelligence teams
  • Leverage the power of Talos threat intelligence, along with advanced Layer 7 firewall protection, Cisco AMP, DLP and more.


Optimize staff operations with Meraki's Cloud-First switches.

Remote equipment configuration

Configure thousands of stacking ports at the same time with zero-touch provisioning.

Find secure, reliable switches that support any application, anywhere.

More intelligence in each layer

Intelligently identify and classify network traffic, applications and devices. Connectivity up to 100G QSFP28

Security without compromise

See a complete picture of the network, find anomalies and defend against threats.
Adaptive policy provides an additional level of security based on the intentions of the user, the device and the application.SecurePort detects and verifies Meraki access points before automatically configuring them.


Meraki's wireless PAs feature integrated and intuitive technologies. They offer secure connectivity to your network.

Performance optimization

Continuously optimize network performance as capacity, traffic and utilization change.

Identify threats

Automate root cause analysis, identify the problem and implement corrections quickly.

Notification and Resolution

Receive alerts when traffic needs to be resolved using Meraki’s intelligent wifi thresholds.

Cisco and Centria

Cisco is a world leader in networking and security solutions. Centria is a Cisco partner and has been implementing its solutions for many years. We have carried out projects of all sizes, including joint magnitude and deployment studies for large or multi-concurrence projects.


It is very important to study and define a customer’s needs very well before implementing an advanced networking solution with Cisco solutions. Our team will assist you in making decisions and selecting the right solutions.

It is not always easy to carry out large-scale deployments, but we have product specialists who will ensure that projects are executed with seriousness and professionalism.

Cisco assigns us product engineers who facilitate the resolution of problems in which the manufacturer must intervene and, above all, help us to define joint improvements for our customers.

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