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Drive your business to success with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) solutions through Centria Technology!

Computing designed for a hybrid world. Extract more value from your data and accelerate results.

As an official HPE partner, we offer a comprehensive and customized approach to meet your company’s technology needs. Our mission is to provide you with innovative and efficient solutions, backed by HPE’s expertise and excellence.

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Computing designed for your hybrid world. Extract more value from your data and accelerate artificial intelligence results that deliver insight and innovation.


Modernize your data center with rack-optimized servers that deliver performance and scalability for core business and business-critical workloads.

Hyperconverged systems

HPE SimpliVity is specifically designed to run virtualized applications for a variety of workloads. Solve key business challenges with HPE SimpliVity


Tailor performance to applications with the most secure industry-standard servers, using HHPE Scalable Persistent Memory and HPE Intelligent System Tuning.

Intuitive cloud operations experience

Gen10 servers are key to infrastructure modernization because they accelerate business insights across a hybrid world of traditional IT, public and private good.

Reliable security by design

Gen10 servers help you be agile by making it easy to quickly adapt your IT to changing requirements with intelligent configuration, HPE's scalable persistent memory, and advances in server storage and networking.

Optimized performance for your workloads

Our Gen10 servers offer unique security features, right down to the hardware. Our HPE Secure Compute Lifecycle offers best-in-class innovations in firmware protection, malware detection and firmware recovery.

HPE Hyperconverged Systems

Solve key business challenges with HPE SimpliVity

Prepare your business for disaster recovery

HPE SimpliVity has built-in data protection features and an extremely simple automated recovery process to help ensure success. HPE SimpliVity RapidDR, an optional software tool, will guide you through disaster recovery planning and orchestration, and provides fast and reliable IT recovery, including one-click failover or failback.

Data center consolidation

Minimize your data center footprint. Putting your entire IT infrastructure below the hypervisor on a scalable x86 platform reduces your data center appliances by 10:1, which means lower upfront costs, increased operational efficiency and improved performance.

Data protection

Protect your data in a fraction of the time required by legacy solutions. With its integrated, global data protection, HPE SimpliVity reduces storage and bandwidth requirements, generating more recovery points and improved virtual machine protection.


Reduce costs without sacrificing performance or resilience. Get more virtual desktops with less hardware, add nodes easily when deploying new desktops, and backup, restore or clone a virtual machine globally in a matter of three clicks or less.

HPE and Centria

HPE provides one of the most robust and scalable infrastructures on the market. At Centria, since our inception, we have recommended HP and now also HPE solutions to all our customers. When we’ve needed power, we’ve gotten it, and when we’ve needed technical support, HPE has a truly unbeatable response that allows us to sleep very soundly.


We know the entire portfolio of HPE systems and can advise on the acquisition of any HPE equipment. Our engineers will select the most suitable system for you.

Our automatisms allow us to carry out quick installations or customized deployments adapted to each situation.

Centria will answer any questions you may have. We have direct contact with HPE engineers and together we solve any incident.

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