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Tiered Backup Storage

With ExaGrid’s tiered backup storage, each device in the system includes not only disk, but also memory, bandwidth and processing power – all the elements needed to maintain high backup performance.

ExaGrid has the only non-network oriented tiered backup storage solution with delayed deletes and immutable replication objects. This unique approach ensures that when a ransomware attack occurs, data can be easily recovered or virtual machines booted from the ExaGrid tiered backup storage system. Not only can the primary storage be restored, but all retained backups remain intact.

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Any ExaGrid device can be mixed and matched in the same horizontally scalable system with any other device of size or age, allowing customers to buy what they need when they need it. This pay-as-you-grow model allows up to 32 devices in a single horizontal scaling system.

All devices and systems are managed by a single user interface. Multiple systems can be deployed at a single site, enabling full backups of up to petabytes.

ExaGrid offers device models of various sizes that can be mixed and matched with up to 32 devices in a single horizontal scaling system. The largest scale-out system can support up to 2.7 PB of full backup with an ingest rate of 488 TB/hr. This is 3 times faster than any other backup storage on the market.

ExaGrid and Centria

“We work closely with ExaGrid to provide our customers with a true immutable repository, which takes any backup and data protection solution to the next level. In this way, we help define and establish the most robust cybersecurity strategy in the market for any company, regardless of size.”

-ExaGrid Team

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