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Mobile Device Management

MDM Management

A challenge for enterprises today is dealing with hybrid and remote employees, and managing the devices that access company resources. The standardization of BYOD, forces companies to have device management systems for all types of platforms such as; iOS, Android, Chrome, macOS and Windows, in order to manage access to resources and identify users from anywhere.

MDM systems aim to control, authenticate and validate both devices and users for proper validation and secure access.


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Should I switch to Microsoft 365?


Definitely yes. Office 365 is a perfect solution that covers all the needs of any company, regardless of its size. From companies with just a few users to the most complex organizations, they will take advantage of the system and find a multitude of benefits and new ways of working very profitable.

If you are IT, here are some advantages:

01 Always up to date

Office will always be up to date ...

02 Simple licensing

With Microsoft 365, licensing is very simple. You pay on a monthly or annual basis only for the licenses you need. It is very easy to assign product licenses and activate or deactivate tools or applications to users.

03 Do you have Active Directory?

So much the better. Microsoft 365 and its Azure AD, syncs with your active directory and synchronizes your users' accounts and passwords. It is very easy and simple

04 How to migrate?

Migrating is not complicated, but this is where Centria can help you the most. We are specialists since 2010 and we can advise and help you. From a simple advice to a complete migration project. Do not hesitate to ask us

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