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Today, data represents one of the most critical assets for any company. Therefore, we must ensure that we guarantee, among other aspects, its accessibility, integrity and security. To achieve this, it is essential to perform an analysis of the environment that allows us to determine the most appropriate technology for each situation, with a fully customized approach.

To address the challenges presented in this section, we will rely on various technologies related to data processing capacity, connectivity with the rest of the infrastructure, the variety of disk architectures, read and write speeds, as well as the interconnection functionalities with external replication and backup services.

The strategy we follow at Centria is based on establishing relationships with leading manufacturers such as Netapp, HPE and Synology, among others. These manufacturers have a broad portfolio of flexible and competitive solutions both from an economic perspective and in terms of efficiency. In addition, they back up these solutions with R&D and support services, and we train our technical team with the most appropriate courses and certifications.


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Traditional block storage

For environments where the fundamental requirement is to have a storage node with basic redundancies, accessible and robust, but which does not require advanced functionalities. Usually when it shares the stage with small system platforms and therefore its sizing must necessarily be simpler. They are now even incorporating SSD technologies that provide certain features usually assigned to hybrid environments.

Hybrid storage

This is when the demands of the environment require the adoption of certain functionalities that allow us, among other things, to make better use of the available space, apply direct access to the data for the company's users and, at the same time, provide the advantages of having connectivity with several links and high bandwidth. When we talk about optimizing the use of available space, we count on Deduplication, Compression and Compaction technologies, which will allow us to reduce the cost assigned to the stored data, and therefore, allow a determined growth without the need to make additional investments. On the other hand, CIFS services can be incorporated to accelerate data access, reducing the infrastructure required for this purpose and optimizing the bandwidth available in our data network.

All-Flash storage

The advantages of environments with All-Flash solutions are taking advantage of the benefits of the aforementioned hybrid platforms, but adding the high speed factor both in the processes carried out by the storage nodes, as well as the reduction in their read and write time. Just as in traditional and hybrid solutions we can take advantage of SATA, SAS and SSD disk architectures, in the case of All-Flash we focus on the use of SSD and NVMe disks. Thus, automatically, the read and write rates are directly affected to meet the challenges of the most complex and demanding infrastructures. On the other hand, all the benefits provided by hybrid environments, when we talk about All-Flash, offer us the opportunity to perform the same in a fully online mode, without waiting times, allowing to obtain a better use of the available space immediately.

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