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Veeam natively protects your workloads in both Cloud, virtual and physical environments. Simplicity in licensing. Three versions, for 3 product groups.

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Veeam Data Platform

Backup & Replication - Datasheet

Veeam Data Platform

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Veeam Data Platform

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Backup & Replication

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ is the backup, recovery and data security solution. industry leader for all of its workloads, both on-site and off-site. in the cloud. As a core component of the Veeam Data Platform, Veeam Backup & Replication provides secure, powerful and reliable data protection. Eliminate time with instant recovery and protect yourself from cyberthreats with the native immutability and proven backups, all from one software-defined solution and hardware-independent

Immutable native backups

Stop ransomware on the fly, ensure backup compliance and protect your recoverability with immutability for your backup copies. Automate both the protection and security of your backups throughout their lifecycle, on-premises and in the cloud.

Immediate testing of security patches

With new malware threats appearing daily, it has become very difficult to quickly test zero-day patches and protect against the latest threats. With Veeam, you can reduce response times, mitigate the risk of infection and be confident that your data can be protected from threats as soon as they are detected.

Tested and ready for recovery with SureBackup

Convey confidence to your organization and improve recovery-related operations by automatically verifying the recovery of every backup, replica and snapshot. Avoid ransomware for good and be confident in your future restores thanks to automation that scans your backup for malware.

Recover your data securely with Secure Restore

Increase data security and reduce disruptions caused by data cross-contamination during recovery. By verifying that your backups are free of viruses and malware, you know that it is safe to recover data without the threat of initial infection or reinfection.

Veeam Recovery Orchestrator

Veeam® Disaster Recovery Orchestrator reduces the risk of non-compliance and saves valuable time by automating recovery processes. From mission-critical workloads with near-zero recovery point objectives (RPOs), to applications unattended due to lack of planning resources, Veeam provides an advanced, easy-to-use solution for business protection that includes:

Documentation dynamics

Automated testing


One-click recovery

Veeam and Centria

One of the basic pillars when we talk about computer security, is the protection of systems environments as well as Microsoft 365 platforms, which are part of the basic tools in our daily lives. And to ensure that we will always have a valid, secure and fully functional backup, is to use the set of features offered by Veeam through its Backup tool, compatible with multiple environments, adaptable to the most demanding needs, with the sole purpose of ensuring business continuity in an optimal and robust way.

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